Alexander Ruchev: “We have successfully tested a blockchain platform during the last Moscow City Duma elections and increased youth interest towards the voting process.”

"The People of Growth project in Moscow has been running an experiment for two years now to encourage the capital's citizens to go to polling stations using blockchain technology. Participants were invited to come to polling stations on the election day and share their location. Then they immediately received a random number of “upcoins” (100,000 to 350,000), which could be exchanged for educational courses, computer equipment, travel and other goods. Yuri Antsiferov, a head of the People of Growth project, claims a double increase of participants compared to the previous year: “In 2018, we had just over 26,000 people, while this year we reached the number of more than 58,000. This time we decided to focus on gaming community and it performed great”. The campaign transparency was ensured by the blockchain technologies from ATUM. According to Alexander Ruchev, President of Osnova and ombudsman for digital transformation, together with the People of Growth project they successfully tested a mechanism for increasing interest in the Moscow City Duma elections based on the own blockchain technology. “We partnered with ATUM and the People of Growth project and utilized Russian blockchain CrossChain to create a platform for attracting additional attention to the elections and increasing interest among young people. We received more than 58 thousand daily blockchain entries without a single failure,” said Alexander Ruchev. He is assured that this Russian product and software can be used to deliver absolute transparency and independence of the electoral process. “We used CrossChain to develop and launch our own platform for organizing different types of voting – Glas, which was tested last December in the “Growth Party” internal voting during a meetup of the Federal Political Council. It has proved its efficiency and can be implemented across Russia,” said Alexander Ruchev."