Ivan Filyaev, Phystechpark CEO, and Alina Dunaeva, CPO, presented projects during the 16th Russia—Kazakhstan Interregional Cooperation Forum

Delegates from “Osnova” Group of Companies and “Phystechpark” presented two promising projects during the 16th Russia—Kazakhstan Interregional Cooperation Forum, that is held in Omsk on 6–7 November 2019. The Forum is focusing on hot topics on the development of cross-border cooperation. Russian and Kazakhstan leaders along with Russian and Kazakhstan major companies’ delegates participate in the Forum.

Ivan Filyaev, Phystechpark CEO, presented “Strela” project within the Forum programme. The project aims to develop an innovative surface transport system for integrating remote transport hubs and suburban areas into the city transport infrastructure. Such transport will connect “Phystechpark” with MIPT University, Novodachnaya and Dolgoprudnaya railway stations – this will remarkably improve transport accessibility for “Phystechpark”. Ivan Filyaev also reported about advantages of suspended monorail transport with autopilot control. In addition, mr. Filyaev put forward an idea of lunching such project in Kazakhstan and featured positive effects of technology introduction for transport infrastructure of the country.

Another project of “Osnova” Group of Companies presented during the Forum relates to the Blockchain technology. Alina Dunaeva, Atum Blockchain ecosystem CPO reported about advantages of CrossChain ecosystem in comparison with existing analogues. There were presented some projects that fall into the category of government administration within the ecosystem. These projects are either already introduced or going through MVP phase. There are a platform for voting organization GLASS, digital passport and digital medical map CrossMed among them.