Leaders of “Osnova” Group of Companies and “Rodina Group” invesrment&developing holding discussed ideas for “smart”development

A famous Russian businessperson, the President and founder of “Rodina Group” invesrment&developing holding Anton Viner visited “Phystechpark” on November 6, 2019. Mr. Viner and mr. Ruchiev, the President of “Osnova” Group of Companies, discussed evolvement of “smart” real estate development and introduction of information technologies to the construction field. Such technologies might be implemented to the sport and educational cluster that “Rodina Group” invesrment&developing holding is currently working on. “Osnova” Group of Companies, in its turn, can supply any developer project with special smart solutions – from smart engineering to smart exploitation.

Anton Viner and the accompanying colleagues also took part in an excursion that was organized for the guests with the aim to acquaintthem with the major “Phystechpark”’s residents.


“Rodina Group” invesrment&developing holding makes a specialty out of integrated development of territories in Moscow and the Moscow Region. The strategic direction of the “Rodina Group” invesrment&developing holding is the creation of innovative residential clusters that combine residential realty with vast educational and sports infrastructure and private art schools directed by distinguished figures in education, sport and culture.