«Phystechpark» and «Skolkovo» Fund discussed new cooperation formats

Representatives of «Skolkovo» Fund – Yuri Saprikyin, Vice President of the Fund, Yuri Sibirskiy and Sergey Israilit and Irene Tkhilava, Advisor to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of «Phystechpark» and VP Science & Innovation at «Osnova» Group of Companies, met on November, 18 at «Phystechpark» to discuss possible formats of cooperation.

The parties discussed a possibility to launch a collaborative project that will enable to create a cross-border system for progressive minds. This may become a huge step towards a global goal – to aggregate work, living, education, leisure and self-development in one high-tech space.

According to Irene Tkhilava, «Our task is to create Russian environment favourable to the unicorn’s growth». Further discussion of the project will be organized in December, 2019.